Set Up Your Real Estate Website With WordPress

The truth of the matter is that there is no successful real estate agent without a website. A website is your main billboard and therefore the sooner it is out there the better. The best and easy way to start is using the WordPress platform

WordPress is SEO friendly, upgradable and versatile – as the web and search engine algorithms change so can your website.

Worpress is open source and free.

Plugins are free and constantly updated and versatile

Blog integration is simple and seamless.

There are companies out there that specialize in WordPress real estate website and who also offer extremely reasonable rates and training.  Do some Google searches, make a few phone calls and hire one of the companies.  Make sure to host the website with the company that created it or a hosting company.  Don’t host at

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Why are you creating a website for your business? Is it a cliché whereby you are doing it because other agents in your locality have one? The main reason and the only reason that you should set up a site is to get more business. So ensure that you have a call to action and contact forms. Ensure that your website is not cluttered too much of something is an eye sore and will take away potential clients.

Calls to action and contact forms

Say it with me: “The purpose of your website is to get more business.” If not, then why bother? Use calls to action to ask the consumer to take action on a specific item. Asking a Web visitor to “click here to view” some information will typically garner more clicks then just embedding the link in your text. Be sure to have contact forms (in addition to displaying your contact information) to entice visitors further. Ask them to make an appointment, get more information, sign up for local market data, get a CMA, and so on. These forms cannot be ignored – this is how a website viewer becomes a lead.

Clear and uncluttered layout (and nothing set to automatically play, please)

Always focus on the visitor experience when thinking about your home page design and layout. Be clear with your purpose and don’t overwhelm them with words. Remember that white space is okay. Avoid heavy code, as this will affect your page’s load times. Please (pretty please) do not have something automatically play when visitors land on your home page, such as music, a video, or a voice recording — you are outing the consumer when you do this and you’re likely to have them frantically searching for the mute button, or, worse, quickly bouncing from your site.

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You do not need to be an IT nerd to know how to set up a website but it is till recommended that you go with a professional. For starters you can go with website creating platforms that make it easy for you.

But how to get a website if you have no experience in web development? If you plan to create a basic website that will showcase available properties, your contact information, user reviews and some other pieces of information, then online site builders are a great choice. But if you want to build a feature-heavy website that looks like it was developed by an army of geeks, custom website development may be required.

uKit is a completely code-free site builder that’s being targeted at small businesses. Its drag-and-drop interface provides a total WYSIWYG experience, making it possible to design and publish a professional-looking site in 30 minutes.

Similar to Weebly, Wix is meant for beginners who have nothing to do with web development. It’s a completely code-free site builder. Wix is known for its huge collection of modern templates and intuitive editor.

Check out Wix’s collection of real estate templates or see what real Wix-based sites look like: Wix example websites.

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